Greenhouses: 50 Years of History

Created in 1971, our Greenhouse Factory designs, produces and installs different styles and types of greenhouse structures suitable for vegetable growers and horticulture nurseries. Our solutions include plastic greenhouses (traditional tunnels, vertical edge structure), and customized structures to meet the exact requirements of our clients. The expertise and complementarity of our design team allow the design and implementation of special equipment to control resources. From the design phase to marketing, we cover every phase of your project efficiently and in a timely manner. Our technology and know-how can meet your agronomic requirements.


Save water, save energy, and do a better job of irrigating.
We are aware of the global threats faced by the world’s most valuable resource: Water.
We have opened up to new horizons in the field of irrigated agriculture for efficient and rational use of this precious asset. We provide a variety of highly efficient irrigation components that provide energy saving, higher-grade growing, and soil conservation. We provide well-engineered systems that focus on selecting the correct products for each application. 



We have been designing and building hydroponic systems since 2015 with the goal of helping growers produces Higher Quality Food and Higher Yields while simultaneously utilizing fewer resources than traditional farming.

We Provide

NFT Systems for Leafy Greens and Herbs
that use closed-loop irrigation to minimize water consumption.

NFT systems are designed for space optimization, cleanliness, and uniform crop production.

Vine Crop Systems
for growing high-quality vine vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers. These systems require fewer resources and re-use both nutrients and water to produce vine vegetables with healthy clean root systems – the key to well performing crops. This solution includes a smart irrigation system and clean growing media for a best start.