Agriland s.a.r.l

Our Seeds improve the quality and yields of crops.

We provide international hybrid vegetable seeds.
Hybrid seeds help mitigate risks such as disease and drought, and allow farmers to grow using less land, less water and fewer resources.



We provide farmers more vigorous, stronger, resistant plants, including innovative hybrid varieties that can thrive even in challenging growing conditions.
We understand that every region is unique and requires varieties that are suited to its climates, growing conditions, and cultural preferences.
Better quality seeds are a cost-effective way to improve agriculture.

We operate in the high value commercial sectors of hybrid vegetables seeds.
With a focus on quality, we supply advanced bred varieties and help growers to overcome multiple challenges from insects and diseases to the effects of drought, heat and cold on crops.
Our customers receive improved seeds that enable better harvest, healthy premium production and more efficient use of natural resources.
We pursue innovation worldwide and we research, develop, and test, the available materials locally to provide our customers with the best available solutions.
Our trial stations located in different regions of Lebanon – Akkar, Bekaa and Batroun -apply sustainable modern practices and use smart production solutions.We share our well-developed expertise and digital information applications that guarantee an advanced and innovative agricultural system, high-quality crop production, and top-notch services.