The nursery of Robinson Agri – AgriGrow – was established in 2002 in joint venture with Plantise B.V.

Combining Dutch know-how with our understanding and experience in local conditions, Agrigrow grew remarkably during a very short period of time and become the leading grafting nursery in Lebanon with outstanding quality seedlings and unique services.


Agrigrow is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge-based plant propagation. Its innovative approach that combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology results in production of the healthiest possible plant material.
Our nursery produces high quality grafted and none-grafted vegetable seedlings using the latest technologies in a fully controlled environment.

In addition to vegetable production, AgriGrow extended their activity to seasonal flowers growing. High quality flower seeds and cuttings are imported from Europe and raised at our nursery.

Being committed to environmental protection, AgriGrow launched their organic certified nursery. The agricultural practices are carried on as per the international regulations (GSPP Protocol) and the plantlets are certified by CCPB.

Reasons to buy Agrigrow grafted vegetables:

  • Good health: our plants are free from banned and harmful chemical residues.
  • Predictability: Agrigrow uses seeds supplied by best international breeders.
  • Cost reduction: our plants show faster root development.
  • Higher survivability: our plants are charged with renewable energy.
  • Experience: Agrigrow produces over 5 million normal and grafted vegetable plants
  • Reliability: Agrigrow is certified by international quality standards.